Update - 8/17/04

I've finally put up a link to our first affiliate. Sorry it took so long! I've been very busy with school. >< But it's up now, so please visit them. And, damn, I need a decent host. The banner in the background is really irritating. >.>* It didn't even appear at first, and now, as if by magic, it's there. o.O; Well, I'll try to add some more quotes, buttons, patches, etc. this week, if I can get it done. =3

Welcome - 8/7/04

In only a matter of hours after it's discussion, Hissing Cockroach has been put up. ^__^ It is not a fanlisting, but a club. An ANTI-Roach Man Gojyo club, so if you don't enjoy Roach Man Gojyo bashing, please leave (and, yes, we almost always refer to him as Roach Man Gojyo =/). I feel very accomplished after this, even thought the layout only took an hour or so. I really do like the layout a lot. It, of course features Roach Man Gojyo, in the common, lecherious mood he is in most of the time. Do you like the message on his little tablet? That just expresses his attitude toward life a little more. I wanted to give a little more insight to his personality in the layout, and I thought this would be a creative way to do it. Plus, I thought everyone could use a little laugh. ^___^; Well, I hope everyone enjoys the site. Please comment about it on the tagboard if you'd like, flames are welcome.


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Hissing Roach Piko and Satsuya.

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